New Release! Piety, Pride, and a Cosy of Cures


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Different from my novels, this is a collection of my humor stories (some from this blog) and my reflections on the years I spent as a performance-oriented Christian. From the back cover:

“As a deep-rooted klutz, a non-finisher of crafts, and a victim of repeated pants-rippings, humor writer Willow Feller recalls the events that continually ravaged her best efforts to appear polished and fashionable. As a misguided, presumptive, and spiritually-blind Christian, she also recounts the way her Pharisaical pride made her too unbalanced to stay on her Evangelical high horse.

Knitting funny stories from her own life with threads of scriptural Pharisee history, Willow creates a canvas that depicts the days when her heart motives were as diseased as those of the self-righteous religious leaders in the New Testament. Drawing from the nostalgia of a 1970s childhood and her later years as a frazzled mom, she goes on to bring many of her tales to their inevitable conclusion—a tragic, yet necessary fall…”

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Piety, Pride, and a Cosy of Cures would make a great Christmas gift for the reader on your list. It’s especially great for any one who might connect with my style and message, but doesn’t have time to get into a novel right now. Its smaller chapters promise to deliver all the same laughs and cringes that my readers say motivated them to follow my blog and go on to purchase my books.

Do any of my followers remember how this story ended?

“…I faced a hair disaster of the highest order. I was willing to try anything. So, against manufacturer directions, I took a deep breath and slowly lowered my head into a large Tupperware bowl of 409 cleaner…”

Read the book and find out!